New Zealand born songstress Rochelle Johnson started singing and writing songs as early as she can remember. "I was never very good at expressing my thoughts or feelings in conversation, but I could sit down at a piano and songs of my deepest emotion would flow as naturally as air from within me" says Rochelle. The daughter of a travelling preacher, Rochelle spent many years in America where she was able to learn along side such musical mentors as Sonny Lallerstedt and later producer Trammell Starks.

Taking an inspirational leaf from musical influences such as Joni Mitchell, Lori McKenna and Nichole Nordeman, Rochelle's songs are honest and heartfelt. With moments of eloquent tenderness and gritty frustration, Rochelle writes of both joy and hurting.

'Stay' is a collection of songs written before 2005. While Rochelle has stylistically evolved in recent years the truths and moving sentiments expressed through 'Stay' remain a timeless portrait of love, loss and poignant piano driven melodies.

In the years since the 'Stay' project was recorded, Rochelle has not been dormant in her writing or performing. While much of the new material has not been heard by anyone outside of her husband and cat, Rochelle looks forward to starting the next project and letting the new songs out for a run about.

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